Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Steam Mops over Traditional Moping Techniques

No-one wants to spend all of their free time cleaning their home. Even if they are someone who takes pride in the way it looks and “enjoys” a good spring clean.

Therefore, ways to make household chores easier is something that everyone would love to find. Whether it is a miracle product that promises to tackle even the trickiest of dirt or perhaps a hoover that can glide across your floors with ease. We are all looking for that miracle cure that can help with the chores.

That may be the reason behind the rise in popularity of the steam mop. But why has the steam mop become the gadget of choice and what are the advantages or disadvantages of using them over standard moping techniques?

Here at the Steam Mop Guy we have put together our comprehensive guide to steam mops and why they are a great alternative to traditional mops.

Keep it traditional with a good old fashioned mop and bucket

When it comes to cleaning your floor, one of the most basic things that you can own has to be a bucket and a trusty mop. Mops themselves may be basic, but they come in a variety of different forms; from rope mops to flat mops and sponge style mops.

Each one is designed to be placed in a bucket with detergent and water mixed together before being rubbed over a floor, getting rid of all the dirt and debris that has built up over time and leaving you with a clean floor.

Traditional brooms

Back in the early days of mopping your floors, the mop bucket came a special section that “wrung” out the excess water from your mop, ensuring that your floors were not left saturated after you had cleaned them.

Whilst this is still a popular design for mop and bucket combos; there are more modern variations on the mop that will wring out itself. Saving you a bit of time, as well as space.

For many people, the effort that you need to put into mopping your floor with a traditional mop is part of the reason that they choose them over other methods of cleaning your floor. After all, if you have put elbow grease into cleaning something then you truly feel that you have done a good job!

Enter the era of steam

When steam mops were first introduced, they were a direct result of our busy lives. We are all short on free time now, so finding ways to save how much we spend doing the housework (not to mentioning cutting down on the effort we have to put in too) seemed to become more important.

9 in 1 steam mop

A steam mop changes how we clean wooden floors, tiled floors and vinyl floors. They do not require the use of a bucket; meaning that you don’t have to wait to fill it up and then carry the heavy bucket around your home (sometimes splashing water in the process).

One of the biggest benefits of steam cleaning is that it is able to eradicate some of the hardest to remove germs, all without the need for chemical cleaners. It is thought that the power of steam mop could kill around 99.9% of bacteria; cutting down your chances of contracting illnesses.

Not only this but steam cleaning is eco-friendly too, cutting down on the pollutants that are sent into the world around us. This benefits the world as a whole, but could also have a benefit to you too, especially if you find that you react negatively to some of the cleaning detergents that you would need to add into the water if you used a standard mop.

Steam mops are also incredibly versatile; not only can you use a steam mop for wood floors, but they can be used elsewhere around the home too. This makes them an ideal cleaning gadget!

So which is best?

The answer really depends on what it is that you are looking for.

Steam Cleaning

  • Powerful against a variety of bacteria
  • Takes less time to dry and leaves less water residue behind
  • Cuts down on the chemical detergents that you need to use
  • Is an all in one tool that can be used around the house as well as on your floors
  • Easy to use and doesn’t require you to scrub the floor
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use around pets and children

Traditional Mops

  • A less expensive option to buy
  • Gives you the detergent smell that some people equate to a clean home
  • Allows you to have a good workout whilst you clean

Taking these things into account, you can easily see that steam mops outshine a traditional mop. We believe that this makes them an ideal tool for your home.

Whether you use your steam mop for wood floors, or use it more as an all round cleaning gadget; tackling a variety of surfaces, it is likely to soon become a valuable addition to your cleaning equipment.

Think that steam mops might be the right choice for you? Want to use a steam mop for wood floors or tiled floors? If you do, then there are a whole host of different options for you to choose from. Portable and compact, powerful and robust; why not take a look online and see what you can find?

You never know, you may just convert yourself to the power of steam!

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