Best Green and Echo Friendly Cleaning Liquid to Use in Electrical Steamers

Whilst for many the power of steam is enough. There may be times that you need a little extra oomph behind your clean. For these times you may want to consider adding in an extra cleaning liquid to your eco-friendly steam mop.

But if you have gone to all the effort to buy an eco-friendly steam mop, then there is a good chance that you will want to ensure that anything you add into it is eco-friendly too.

To help you to make a decision on which eco-friendly cleaning liquid to use, we have put together the best green cleaning detergents that you can use.

Aussan Natural Floor Cleaning Concentrate:
If you want a non-toxic floor cleaner that is botanically based, then this may be the cleaner for you. It is designed to be used on a variety of different floor types including wood, tile and stone and best of it all doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your perfectly cleaned for.
We also love the fact that this cleaner is heavily concentrated, which means that you won’t have to use a ridiculous amount to clean your floor.

Attitude Floor Surfaces Tiles and Wood Cleaner:
This vegan cleaner is not only certified by EcoLogo but it has also been created to give your tiles and wooden floor a little bit of attitude.

It is made with a gentle formula of natural tea tree and lime; which means that not only can it eradicate any bacteria that may be lurking on floor, but it also smells fresh and beautiful too.

Biokleen Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner:
If you are looking for a cleaner that you can spray onto your surfaces before you steam them then this may be the perfect one for you. There is a whole lot of science behind this particular cleaner, but this doesn’t mean that the ingredients are chemical or lack an element of eco-friendliness.

biokleen floor cleaner

In fact, this floor cleaner is approved by Green Seal. Not only is it able to combat dirt, grease and grime on a number of different surfaces. But the ingredient list also contains natural enzyme cultures, plant-based cleaners and citrus extracts (for that fresh smell).

Earth Friendly Products Floor Cleaner:
One of the main purposes of eco-friendly cleaning products is that they are kinder to the planet that we call our home. That said, the last thing we will want is them to gentle on tackling dirty floors and surfaces.

This certainly isn’t the case with this floor cleaner created by Earth Friendly Products. It is entirely plant-based and uses replenshible ingredients. Whilst this is able to leave your floor sparkling it won’t strip off any wax or sealing products that are helping to protect your floors.

Better Life Simply Floored! Floor Cleaner:
Some of us are lucky enough to have a variety of floors in our home. If this is true for you, then you may want to consider this particular floor cleaner as your go to product. It is made from a list of all-natural ingredients and can be used on several floor types including hardwood, tiles and even glorious marble.

There is no alcohol in this cleaner. No solvents and no ethers. Which means that no matter how much you use it, it won’t eat away at the finish of your floor. It is scented with citrus and mint which means that your room will smell delicious, as well as being squeaky clean.

Best of all, if you find yourself a real big fan of this product, then you can buy it in industrial sizes!

Ecover Natural Floor Soap:
Ecover is a huge name in environmentally aware household cleaners, so it comes as no surprise that they have their own mineral-based biodegradable floor cleaner. It contains ingredients such as linseed oil, which is known to perfectly clean marble, concrete and lino and leave it sparkling!


Dave by Eco-Me Floor Cleaner:
Ever wondered if a friend could come in and help you to clean? Well, let us introduce you to Dave. Dave is an environmentally friendly cleaner from Eco-Me. It is a mixture of a variety of all-natural ingredients and is fully certified by Leaping Bunny.

All you need to is mix it up with some water and you are good to go. Cleaning sealed marble and wooden floors amongst many others, this is a good all rounded for your home.


Naturally It’s Clean! Floors:
Yet another amazing cleaner that is completely natural. With a light scent this plant and enzyme based cleaner is suitable for cork and stone floors as well as wood and tiled. It is not only great for getting rid of pesky stains, but it can also break down any residue that is left on your floor.

We also love the fact that this natural cleaner is ideal for homes that struggle with pet odours.

As you can see, there are a real variety of different detergents out there that are completely natural in their design, yet that still pack enough of a punch to clean even the dirtiest of floor.

We all have a part to play in protecting our planet. Which means that opting for an eco-friendly steam mop is the ideal way to take those first few steps into having a clean and greener home.

You may just want to get a helping hand from one of the powerful, all-natural cleaners that are available out there to choose from.

With our help now you know which green detergents are amongst the best, meaning that you can decide which ones to pop in your steam cleaner and leave yourself with a beautifully clean, sparkling and eco-friendly floor!

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