Dupray Brand Steam Cleaners Review

Dupray Steam Box Commercial Steam Cleaner

commercial steam cleanerNeed a commercial grade steam mop that is able to give you power and durability? If you are then the Dupray Steam Box is the ideal one for you. This 220V machine allows you to adjust the steam pressure that you use. Perfect for when you have to tackle a variety of stains in one clean. The tank can be refilled whilst still in use, meaning that you don’t have to stop your cleaning to fill up with more water. You can also use this with a direct water feed if that is the right option for you. It comes complete with a 24-piece premium accessory kit. All of which have been made to the highest standard in Italy, and each and every part within the machine comes with a 3-year warranty.
The boiler within this commercial grade steam mop is made to such a high standard that it has a lifetime warranty. This means that you can be assured that it will be able to withstand everything that you throw at it. The machine itself comes with a fully digital display which allows you to not only check the pressure and the temperature that you are using, but also when you may need to maintain and check your steam mop too. One of the key features of this particular model is the ability to add in a blast of soap or even more hot water into the stream. This allows you to tackle the toughest of stains with ease and cuts down the amount of time that you spend cleaning.

Dupray Carmen Super Inox 220V Commercial Steam Cleaner w/ Full Steel Casing

220V commercial steam cleanerA simple yet efficient design. The Dupray Carmer Super Inox is a commercial grade steam mop that can make sure that you tackle all those cleaning jobs with ease. It is capable of producing an impressive 105 psi of steam pressure, meaning that you can tackle even the toughest of stains with ease. It can produce 180°C / 356°F which is perfect when you need to deliver an effective clean.
This model is made with commercial grade components and the Stainless Steel boiler comes complete with a lifetime warranty. All the accessories that come with this 110V steam mop are durable and well made. You can check the temperature of the steam that you are using with the fully digital gauge. Easy to use and well made. This Dupray commercial steam mop is ideal for hotels, hospitals and commercial cleaning companies. It not only removes dirt, but can also kill a variety of household and commercial pests and remove allergens too.

Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

commercial Steam CleanerWhilst this steam cleaner is a household item, it is sufficient enough to be used for commercial grade cleaning. Perfect for cleaning companies who tackle customers’ homes. The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner will deliver 90 minutes of cleaning for each and every clean. It can be used on floors, furniture, toys, cars and bathrooms. It delivers a 72.5 psi pressure level. Ideal for tough stains and areas of built up grease. Thanks to the small size of this model it is fully portable. Delivering an effective and non-toxic clean no matter where you need it to.
It comes with a 23 piece Italian made accessory kit, which has everything that you need to hand. Giving you the ability to perform a complete clean that really packs a punch. The Stainless Steel boiler comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you can be sure it is the very best quality and all other parts of this steam mop comes with a 3 year warranty.
The Dupray Tosca comes with a fully digital display. This will show you the active temperature, the pressure you are using and a reminder when you will need to perform a maintenance check on your cleaner. Want a durable cleaner for your home, or for light commercial use? If you do, then this is the ideal model for you.

Dupray Carmen Super Inox Steam Cleaner Extractor

steam cleaner for detailing shopsFor a superior level clean you need the Dupray Carmen Super Inox Steam Cleaner Extractor. This commercial grade steam mop is not only a steam cleaner, it also boasts an integrated wet-dry vacuum too. It features an adjustable steam pressure, which can be changed with ease. Thanks to the design of the water tank, you can continue to use this cleaner whilst it is still in use. Giving you an unlimited cleaning time and the ability to carry on cleaning no matter what.
This cleaner is able to deliver an effective clean and sanitation on a variety of surfaces. Whether you need to remove grease, dirt or built up stains. This will do it with ease. For those particular hard stains you can choose to add soap to the steam jet, all thanks to the detergent tank.
All the parts of this commercial grade steam cleaner come with a 3 year warranty, and the Stainless Steel Boiler boasts a lifetime warranty too. This means that you can be sure that it is made to the highest quality possible. The cleaner comes complete with a 34 piece accessory set, which includes a tool to use on a number of surfaces. Easy to use, effective and reliable. This is a steam cleaner that you will love to use and can rely on time and time again.

Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner

dupray commercial steam cleanerAnother great commercial grade steam cleaner from Dupray. The Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner is perfect for a number of commercial use as well as round the home too. It comes with an unlimited cleaning time function. All because the water tank can be refilled whilst you are still using the machine. The steam cleaner will be sent with a 25 piece high quality accessory kit, giving you the right tool for any job. It is suitable for use on furniture, carpets, floors, bathrooms car interiors and toys.
Every part on this cleaner comes with a 3 year warranty, and the Stainless Steel boiler will come with a lifetime warranty. This means that you have peace of mind that it is going to stand the tests of time, even with regular commercial level cleaning. Whilst the 121 psi jet of stream is often enough to tackle tough stains, if you need a little extra help then you can choose to boost your steam with a detergent injection. Giving you the results you crave.
This cleaner boasts an ADITM Intelligent display which not only tells you the pressure and temperature that you are currently using, but also when you need to check and maintain your cleaner. This dual tank system commercial steam cleaner is the ideal addition to your commercial cleaning needs.

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