How to Clean Hardwood Floors

You have invested a lot into your hardwood floors. Don’t let them go to waste by using the wrong cleaning products and techniques. You need the right items, the right strategy, and the best steam mop around.
Take a look at these tips and you’ll have hardwood flooring that looks great for years!

Types of Cleaning Options for Hardwood Floors

There are many options available for cleaning hardwood floors, and while some are better than others, you should understand the various techniques that you can choose.

Damp Mop

The classic mop-and-wipe cleaning method is useful for cleaning hard floors, but with wood, you need to be very careful to not use too much water. If using this method, ring out the mop as much as possible so it is just slightly damp.

Cleaning Sprays

You can purchase bottles of cleaner that you can spray onto the floor and wipe with a cloth. Depending on the spray, there may be special cloths or mop heads that you need to use for these products.

Black Tea

This is a surprisingly common solution for hardwood floor cleaning. Many people claim to use tea to clean their floors, but professionals often caution against it because the water in the tea can warp your floors. If you do use tea, be mindful to not use too much, or you may end up with damaged flooring.

Steam Mops

Steam mops are a versatile cleaning tool for your home, and many people will be able to throughly clean their hardwood floors with these products. Steam cleaners can give your hardwood floor a gentle cleaning, without using too much water, all while lifting dirt and grime that is damaging your flooring. For many homeowners, this is the best choice for cleaning a hardwood floor. Cleaners like the Bissel powerfresh steam mop is one of the best choices for hardwood floors. Click here for Bissel Powerfresh Steam Mop review.

What Not To Do To Your Wood Floors

There are a few techniques that you can use to clean your wood flooring, but there are many that you should avoid. First and foremost, never use a standard vacuum cleaner on your hardwood flooring. The rotating bristles and hard materials can scratch and harm your wood floors, leaving you disappointed with the results.

Depending on the type of finish you have, there are various products you will want to avoid. In general, you should skip acidic cleaners, abrasive chemicals and soaps, bleaches, or wax and sprays made for furniture. You should also avoid using ammonia cleaner on your hardwood floor.

If you are using a mop, be extremely careful not to use too much water. Water will soak into the wood, causing them to warp and bend. This could damage the home and make the floor uneven. In extreme cases, water could even cause your hardwood floors to rot.

Cleaning Supplies that You Can Use on Hardwood Floors

There are many cleaning products that you can use on your floors. Most experts recommend a pH-neutral cleaner, because it will be non-corrosive and shouldn’t effect the color or tone of the flooring.

A polish pad is another option for hardwood floors. These soft, light pads let you buff your hardwood flooring to a shine, all without damaging the finish.

One of the most important supplies you should have for your hardwood floor is a steam mop, as it will deliver fast, convenient cleaning to your entire home, including the floors. When steam mopping a wood floor, make sure the setting is low and work slowly so that everything is picked up. One of the best steam mops for hardwood floors is the Bissell powerfresh steam mop, a handy steamer that can tackle dirt, dried-on spots, and all types of home cleaning.

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