How to Clean Steam Mop Pads

Your steam mop is probably one of the most effective cleaning tools you have in your home. This tool lifts dirt and destroys dust, but the steam mop pads can get dirty in a hurry.

So how can you ensure clean steam mop pads for years? Use these simple tips and you’ll get more use out of every pad.

Types of Cleaning Methods for Steam Mop Pads: 

First of all, no matter what cleaning method you choose, always make sure the unit is cool before you start cleaning. Even if it is not giving out steam, it could be very hot to the touch, so give the steam cleaner time to cool off before starting the cleaning process.

Simple Rinse and Dry
If your best steam mop has only been used a couple of times, a simple rinse is often enough to clean the pad. Simply run the pad under hot water and gently rinse it out, squeezing and twisting to remove water, dirt, and grime. If you have hard water in your home, it’s recommended that you use bottled water when rinsing the pad.

Washing Machine
If your steam mop pad requires a more thorough cleaning, you can place it in the wash with similar fabrics and run it with your laundry. This will really get into the fabrics and remove all dirt and dust. Don’t use bleach or softeners, however, as they can weaken the mop pad’s fabrics.

Soaking your mop pad in baking soda and laundry detergent is a great way to get a deep-down clean in your mop pads. Simply mix water, laundry detergent, and a tablespoon of baking soda and let the mop pads soak for 15 minutes. When the time is up, rinse it thoroughly making sure all the soap has been removed. You can then throw it in the dryer or hang it outside to dry.

After numerous uses, the pads can become stained. You may notice a brown or grayish coloring in the pads, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should be thrown out, they are simply stained from use.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Steam Mop Pads

There are many things you can do to clean your steam mop pads, but there are things to avoid as well. First of all, never use bleach on a steam mop pad. This will breakdown the fabrics of the pad and causes the cloth to wear prematurely.

After you are done cleaning, do not attach a wet pad to a steam mop. Water in the pad can cause mildew, so give it plenty of time to dry before reattaching. If you have to, give the pad an extra run through the dryer or leave it in the sun for an hour; just make sure it is good and dry before you put it back on the steam cleaner.

Cleaning Supplies that You Can Use on Steam Mop Pads
To thoroughly clean the steam mop pads, there are a few products you will need, but for the most part, you will be able to clean your pads with products you already have in your home.

First of all, keeping baking soda in your home for soaking the pads is a good idea. If you don’t have any already, a small box of backing soda is usually less than $5. This classic cleaning product will help you breakdown dirt and thoroughly clean your pads.

You will also want to keep liquid laundry detergent. Powdered laundry detergent can be harmful to the steam mop pads, so keep a bottle of liquid detergent ready when you need it.

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