Is Steam Mop a Good Holiday Gift For My Mom

Buying a holiday gift for mom can be difficult; after all, the majority of moms will say that they have everything that they need.

Flowers, chocolates even perfume; these are all great gifts for your mom. But we may just have an option for you to consider. The steam mop.

A steam mop may not seem like the most exciting option for a gift, however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for it.

To help you to decide whether a steam mop is the ideal holiday gift for your mom. We have put together the top 6 reasons why steam mops are amazing!

Steam mops mean drier floors

Floors that are cleaned with a traditional mop (or even worse on hands and knees with a brush) can take a few hours to dry. This is definitely not the case when it comes to steam mops.

Steam mops create a stream of hot steam, which not only tackles all of the built up filth on the floor, but also doesn’t leave the floor too wet.

This means that in no time at all floors will be sparkling clean and ready to walk on! Leaving your mom with more time to put her feet up and relax.

No chemicals!

Many moms like their home to smell as clean and fresh as it looks. Whilst this means that they will work hard to banish any bad smells, it also can mean that they would rather than their home doesn’t have a strong chemical cleaner odour.

If you give them a steam mop as a holiday gift, then you are essentially giving them the gift of a beautiful smelling home.

They are completely chemical free, which means that whilst they are powerful cleaners, they do not leave a powerful smell in the home.

There is no need to tip away all that dirty water

One of the biggest headaches of cleaning the floor has to be the containers of dirty, murky water that is left.

This will mean that your mom will have to haul out a sometimes heavy bucket of dirty water outside to the garden, or perhaps even upstairs, all to dispose of it. Not only is this hard work, but it could also result in splashes of water being left on the floor; negating the reason for cleaning in the first place.

This is where a steam mop is the hero of the day. There is absolutely no need to empty out heavy buckets of water with a steam mop. Whilst you may need to drain out the unused water after you have cleaned the floor. The water can easily be thrown away, with little risk of spillage.

It is easy

Cleaning the floor can be back breaking work; especially for your mom. So, why not give her the gift of an easier clean with a steam mop. Rather than spending a huge amount of time and effort making sure that the floor is sparkling; a steam mop can do it no time at all.

They quickly and effortlessly glide over the floor and leave it looking beautifully clean and fresh. All without the need for any additional elbow grease.

They leave you with a shiny floor

Your mom is likely to have found that after cleaning the floor with a standard mop there is a cloudy film left. This is often to do with the chemical based cleaners that are used.

These chemicals can cling to the surface, even after you run a mop over it a few times. Whilst this doesn’t mean that it is dirty. It does take away from how it looks.

Why not pick your mom up a steam mop instead and show her just how shiny a floor can be? The best thing about cleaning with water alone is that there is nothing additional that can be left behind.

They are not just for floors

Whilst the bulk of these benefits are around floors, that is definitely not the limit of a steam mop. In fact, if you do decide to buy one as a holiday gift for your mom then you will be giving her an all round helping hand for the housework.

Steam mops are useful for cleaning grills, pet cages, toilets, tiles, shower screens and windows. These are just some of the possible uses for a steam mop. However, there are plenty of other ways that your mom could make the most of her holiday gift.

Now you know, rather than being a boring, dull and possibly unwanted gift; a steam mop could be a fantastic holiday gift for your mom.

Forget the flowers that wilt after a few days, avoid the boxes of chocolates that will often be eaten up by your dad and give her a gift that will be used the whole year through.

No matter the month, no matter the day, our mom’s do so much for us. If there are one or two things that we could do to make her life an easier, then why wouldn’t we do this for her?

There are a variety of steam mops out there to choose from, suiting a range of different budgets. So whether you have the cash to spend out to buy a flash and fancy steam mop, or simply want to gift your mom with a standard model for her to try out; take a look at the steam mops out there.

We think that they make the ideal holiday gift for your mom and hope that your mom does too!

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