Portable Steam Mops For Cars

Cleaning your car is not the most enjoyable of tasks; however, it is one that is necessary. After all, you use your car on a daily basis and may even have to transport other people in it too. That means it is important to try and keep it looking clean and tidy.

There are a variety of ways to clean your car and a number of products that you can use. But did you know that you could use portable steam mops to make sure that it is sparkling clean, the eco-friendly way?

Using Portable Steam Mops to Clean Your Car:

Steam cleaners are not only suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces in your home. Portable Steam Mops also make for excellent cleaners outside of the home.

In fact, they are perfect for cleaning out the interior of your car.

steam mop for car

Steam is ideal for your car as it not only leaves it smelling fresh, but it is also powerful enough to tackle some of the hard to remove stains that may have built up over time.

Think that your portable steam mop may be the ideal way to clean your car? If you do, then we have put together a quick list of the process

  • Make sure that you leave the doors open
  • Remove the floor mats
  • Vacuum the entire interior. This includes the seats, the centre console and the floor. You will need to remove as much dirt and debris as possible before you start your steam clean.
  • Add an upholstery cleaning liquid into your steam cleaner. Which one you choose is down to you. There are several out there available, including environmentally friendly ones.
  • Using the upholstery attachment that comes with your portable steam mop, move this over the car interior. Make sure that you get every corner, including the floor and under the seats. You can even steam clean the boot of the car too.
  • Tackle the floor mats. These seem to accumulate the worst of the dirt and dust and so you may need to give these a good going over with your steam mop.
  • Once you have finished with the steam clean you will need to leave the car to dry. Try to leave the windows open and do not shut them until you are sure that everything is completely dry.

Which are the best portable steam mops?

Thinking about trying a portable steam mop to clean your car? If you are, then you will need to look for one that is lightweight, compact and yet, still powerful.

We have put together a list of some of the best options on the market. Meaning that you can make a choice on which one to buy.

The Polti Vaporetto Airplus

This cylinder style steam cleaner is compact enough to be carried around as and when you need it. But whilst it is on the smaller side, that doesn’t mean it lacks features. In fact it comes with variable steam settings and 8 different onboard tools. It also heats up nice and quick, which is perfect when you are outside cleaning.

The Polti Vaporetto Airplus

The 6m long cable is long enough to reach for the inside of your house to the car, meaning that you can take this cleaner outside and tackle the dirt.

Karcher SC1 Steam Stick

A long handled cleaner, this is both a steam mop and a portable cleaner. IT comes with 2 different nozzles and 3 tubes, meaning you can reach a variety of hard to get places. The tank, when full heats up in just 3 minutes and whilst it may not offer variable levels of steam it is powerful and can easily clean your grubby seats and floors. It is also affordable, which is perfect when you will be taking the steam cleaner outside.

If you’re looking for car vacuums then check here.

The Vax Grime Master S4

Especially designed to be fully portable. This is a steam cleaner that really can help you with a variety of jobs, It comes with a 260ml water tank and a 3m power cord, both of which are ideal for when you are outside your home.

It is also designed for a variety of uses and it comes complete with an upholstery tool, which you will have already of learned is much needed for cleaning out your car!

Shark Sc660 Steam Pocket

A handheld cleaner rather than a mop. This portable steam mop is ideal for cleaning out a variety of parts of your home (car included) it is compact and light-weight. Meaning that you can carry it round with ease.

Shark Sc660 Steam Pocket

The tank is ready to use in only 30 seconds and can be filled up at any point. Making it quick and simple to use. It also comes with a variety of attachments that are ideal for different surfaces and materials.

Now you know that steam cleaners are not just suitable for use inside your home. They can be used in a variety of other places too. We love the idea of being able to clean our car with ease and we are sure that you do too.

This is especially true when you think just how expensive professional cleaning services can be.

Why not take a look at the variety of portable steam mops that are available out there and see if you can find one that is perfectly suited to you? Whether it is for cleaning your car, your camper van or perhaps your summer house; the power of steam is useful for any part of your home.

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