How to Fix a Blocked Steamer

Below is a short video I found online about how you can fix your stem mop if it’s plugged up and doesn’t blow any steam. This particular example I’m talking about here is for a Shark brand mop but the principals should be the same no matter what the brand of your particular mop is.

What didn’t work!

Use a hose a connection fixed to your tap to spray hot water into the outlet of the steamer on the underside of the head. The theory here is that the hot water will somehow magically melt away the blockage. Unfortunately this method has a very low success rate so let’s move onto to something better!

Try unblocking the steam jets using a Q-Tip whist holding the Q-Tip with a pair of pliers so you don’t burn yourself. It’s a good idea to use gloves when you do this also just to be extra sure you don’t scold yourself with steam if you are actually successful in clearing out the blockage.

Another popular idea around the internet is to use plain old white vinegar in the steamer. The idea here is that the vinegar will eat away at the blockage and clear out the steam jets.

What did work?

The winning solution seems to be CLR (calcium lime and rust remover) poured into the machine with a mixture of around half CLR and half water. Pour it in the machine and let it sit for at least a few hours and then give it a good shake. Hopefully this is when the magic will happen.

As you may already know, CLR is a fairly intense chemical which is more than capable of eating through anything. If CLR doesn’t unblock whatever it is that’s causing the blockage then what will?
Here is a short video I found that goes through what I’ve mentioned above so if you’re confused about anything just watch and learn.

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